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Product Detail Information
1) Highly reliable accuracy by the most sophisticated sensor
CA2000™ adopts a highly-selective semiconductor sensor (reactive to only alcohol substance) designed by KAIST(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology ). CA2000™ is an unique breath tester adopting this most sophisticated technology of sensor.

2) Stable testing data
It allows you to get stable data for successive testing.

3) Digital type : It displays by 3 digits (0.xx% BAC/BRAC)

4) Wide detection range
0.00 ~ 0.40 % BAC or 0.00 ~ 2.00 mg/l BRAC

5) Long-term stability
CA2000™ can analyze very precisely even after long time of uses.

6) Compact & light weight hand-held device

7) Short warm-up & response Time
After power on, less than 20sec. of warming up countdown (200 to 000) is needed to make it ready for testing. And, exhaling just for a few seconds will reach you to instantly read the testing numeric digits.

8) Longer life time : 3,000 times testing

9) Quick Recovery Time
The sensor of CA2000™ can be purged in 30seconds for another time of testing. You don't need to be too patient to do consecutive testing.

10) Power
9V Alkaline battery & one cigar Jack DC adapter included

11) Sanitary Testing
CA2000™ includes 5pcs of mouthpiece for sanitary direct testing.